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May 20, 2023

Season 2, Episode 45: The P.R.I.Z.E. is Travis "Hood Scholar" Harris

Season 2, Episode 45: The P.R.I.Z.E. is Travis
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This week the case study is Travis "Hood Scholar" Harris. Who is Hood Scholar?

Dr. Travis "Hood Scholar" Harris, is the Director of Black Revolutionary Education for the International Black Freedom Alliance and the Editor in Chief for the Journal of Hip Hop Studies. He is actively involved in the Black liberation movement and does not separate his freedom work from his academic work. His primary goal is for all Black people to get free. He has a plethora of experience in the freedom struggle, from getting Black people out of jail to protesting on the front lines to writing policy in order to make systemic change. His research examines the multiple dimensions of African diasporas with a specific focus on race, religion and Hip Hop. As an interdisciplinary freedom fighting scholar, he analyzes the complexities of Black life.

Follow him on twitter here: https://twitter.com/drhoodscholar

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