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April 2, 2022

Episode 12: The P.R.I.Z.E. is Chris

Episode 12: The P.R.I.Z.E. is Chris

This week the case study is Chris Rogers. Who is Chris you ask?

Chris Rogers currently has a career in IT as a data analyst, but he is also an actor and poet. He has dreams of showing his talents on a mainstream level one day. Within the last year, he was in 2 plays called "Perfect Marriage, Guilty Pleasures" and "Shadow of my Past". He was also in the movie "The Dropspot", which will be launching later this year. All projects took place in Dallas, Texas.

He is a God-fearing man that believes that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. In due season, he will achieve his goals and aspirations!

You can find Chris on Instagram :



Here is the piece he ended the episode with:

"My Bro!"

My bro, my bro! Man its a struggle but we gotta keep moving, living, and on the hustle,

Sometimes it's hard for a black man to make it, because if you been in the pen, once you out you don't have much chance to win,

So if you trying to be righteous it's easy to make the sin back into the game...

If you a "G" or "Thug" you're automatically put into fame....but just in the hood,

Where most of what's poppin ain't good, but with your patnas it's understood,

How do we flip the script on this type of thinking, our minds consumed in media of dollar bills and thong bikinis,

All we can see is 'balling or spitting bars, but can't get with college or learn a trade at all,

And then what tends to happen, we are right back in a cell, charges taxed on us so hard we can't make bail, it's almost like the system is designed for us to fail...

It's not fair...but my bro, my bro...strive for greatness because it's not going to be given,

Stop focusing just on hoop dreams, rapping, or drug dealing,

Look for something greater than yourself, that will bless others and help these youngstas grow,

So start learning things positive and making good investments so we have seeds to sow...

My bro, my bro we have a legacy, we have strength, we have hope,

We will only succeed if we start looking at our young bros as we see ourself....

Keep pushing my bro!

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